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  • a person holding a gun in their hands

    Pistol First Steps (Private Instruction)


    This class is custom designed for the new gun enthusiast to give them individual instruction and advice on what type of gun to purchase for concealed carry, concealed carry considerations, types of concealed holsters, and defensive ammunition selection. This class includes the USCCA Concealed Carry class that fulfills all training requirements as required by Florida…

  • FL Concealed Carry & USCCA Basic Handgun


    Service Description This class fulfills all training requirements for the Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License as required by Florida Statute 790.06(2)(h)(7). Class Level: BeginnerCost: $75 Includes Range Fees and TargetsLength: 4 Hours Curriculum DescriptionThis is a 4 hour class designed to educate the student on the safe handling and use of a handgun. Topics…

  • a couple of guns that are laying on a table

    Range Time (Private Instruction)


    Service Description One-on-one range time with an Instructor coaching you. Class Level: AllCost: $25 Includes Range Fees and TargetsLength: 1 Hour Curriculum DescriptionFirearm manipulation and fundamentals of marksmanship. Live pistol shooting on the Firing Range.